A Modernized Rebrand

Like most political party's,the Pennington County Republican Party was behind in the modern age. I came in and redesigned the Party's entire IT Infrastructure and got it up to date. The Pennington County Republican Party then asked me to help out with their marketing. I designed a new marketing strategy to get the party out of 1995 and into 2021.

The New Website

The Pennington County GOP needed a website to showcase the party in a easy to understand way. The party wanted a system that allowed them to control and manage their networks without the need of Google Cloud or AWS. The website features several sub-websites such as a store and membership website. This website is built on Worldpress, the most popular CMS. The designs were made with Divi, a drag and drop editor. Divi makes it easy for the Pennington County GOP Office staff to updated the website without contacting a web developer.



The Rebrand

The Pennington County GOP needed help getting into the age of the Internet. The Rebrand consisted of modernizing the old logos to attract a younger audience.



The Marketing Strategy

Social media’s ability to break news in real-time has transformed the way we absorb information. I came in and released a plan for the party to create Social Media accounts on all platforms instead of just being on Facebook. The Pennington County GOP new marketing strategy consists of posting modernized graphics and tweet screenshots on ALL social media pages with captions that people want to hear based on the majority of what people think. Below are some tweets of the new marketing plan in action vs the old marketing strategy.

Old Marketing Strategy Vs New Marketing Strategy

Old Way Of Marketing Online

The old way of marketing the Pennington County GOP Used can be found above. The party would post long lengthy statements about a subject. This led to not a lot of people interacting and sharing the party's posts.

New Way of Marketing Online

The New way of marketing is writing statements the way people in are target area would write a statement. This has led the party to have several posts with a lot of likes and shares.