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Outdoor Works LLC

Outdoor Works LLC wanted their website moved from an agency system to a system that they can manage themselves. I rebuilt their website and migrated it over to a system that they manage themselves without any third party.


To migrate the website from its current host controlled by an agency to a system they manage. Gsite account also needed to be migrated to a new IT Infustructure.


Backup the website using industry leading software and move files to a new web host. Rebuild any functions that break in the process of migrating the servers.


Website moved to a new host with all featues restored and working G-Site email system.

The Main Website features links to pages to hear more information about the services outdoor works does.

The Websites fourm system broke in the process of migrating the website to its new home not controled by the agency. I rebuilt the fourm page and system to a more reliable system that is built on industry standards.

The website feautes several pages that sync perfectly with mobile devices.